Spur ISD Mask Guidelines

Spur Independent School District        

 I would like to address the mask situation for Spur ISD moving forward.  As many of you know, Governor Abbott has announced he will be opening Texas 100% and relaxing the mask mandate for the state beginning March 10, 2021.  Although he has relaxed the mandate for masks, there has been no change at this time in the quarantine guidelines by the (CDC) Centers for disease Control and Prevention or the Department of State Health Services.  

 The lack of a change in quarantine guidelines puts Spur ISD in the same position as we were in during August and September.  If students and teachers are not wearing masks and someone test positive for Covid-19 we will end up quarantining large amounts of students, teachers and possibly return to a remote instructional setting.  Our students lost their Spring Semester last year, and we want to do everything possible to keep everyone in school and safe while they are getting to participate in the many spring activities they love. 

 I understand there are many varying opinions regarding wearing masks and fully understand not wanting to wear a mask, but we also watched how our 2020 Seniors did not get to finish their careers the way they deserved due to the having to shut down school last spring.  Although that situation was out of our control, we do have the opportunity to control this situation.  Spur ISD does not want to ever put our students or school in that situation again just because we are ready to stop wearing masks. 

 Until quarantine guidelines change, Spur ISD will not make a change to our Covid-19 guidelines and safety protocols regarding masks.  When the CDC or DSHS changes quarantine guidelines we will revisit the issue. 

 Thank You,

 Craig Hamilton

Spur ISD Superintendent