August 10-12 Tax Free Weekend
3 Things Parents Should Know for Tax-Free Weekend
During this weekend’s Texas Sales Tax Holiday, Aug. 10 – 12, certain items priced less than $100 are exempt from state and local sales tax. But did you know shoppers can purchase much more than just school supplies tax-free? Keep the following three things in mind when you hit the stores.
1. Clothing and Footwear
Certain articles of clothing and footwear are tax-free during the holiday. These include multi-purpose athletic clothing as well as professional and school uniforms that are purchased, not rented.
2. Non-Qualifying Items
Some items don't qualify. Clothing, footwear and protective-use gear specially designed for athletic activities are not included. However, multi-purpose clothing and footwear such as tennis shoes qualify for the exemption.
3. Lesser-Known Items
Some tax-free items won’t be on classroom supply lists. Hiking boots, bow ties, diapers, costumes and even veils – these items and much more are included. Get the complete list. You might be surprised by what you find.
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