New Scoreboard

Back in 2015 we noticed our digits not all lighting up on the scoreboard of Jones Stadium. We called Daktronics and they sent us some new digits. They were pricey and looked great for about 6 months. By the end of the 2016 season they had began to corrode and were not all working again. We called Daktronics again and they agreed to give us a refund if we ordered the new scoreboard. 

This new scoreboard is weather sealed and has new technology that the old one didn't have. We are very proud of the customization that our School Board approved and it looks great. 

On behalf of Spur ISD and the fans of the Spur Bulldogs we owe a great thanks to Kevin Swaringen and his crew at South Plains Electric for their help. They helped pull the I-Beams out and installed new ones. They lifted these panels up so that they could be mounted and lifted the top art piece into place. 

We also owe thanks to our many staff members who helped uninstall the old scoreboard and install the new. These people include, Anthony Segura, Les Lester, Chris Barron and Superintendent Craig Hamilton.