UIL Academics

UIL preparation starts now!

There are signup sheets in the Secondary Hallways for JH and High School Signup. High School can be found outside Mr. Watson's Lab and Junior High Is outside Mr. Hammack's Classroom. Please sign up for ones that interest you. We will assign people as needed to fill up teams. You will have to pass in order to compete. If you are unsure which events you would like to be in come talk to your coaches. 

We are in Disctrict 7-1A. The schools we will compete against are: Afton Patton Springs, Guthrie, Jayton, Matador Motley County, Paducah, Turkey Valley


Mrs. Lewis - HS Poetry & Pros, JH Music Memory

Mrs. Castellon - Journalism, Spelling

Mr. Hammack - HS Speaking Events, JH Poetry

Coach Chesley - Current Events & Social Studies

Coach Castellon - Science

Mr. Watson - Chess(JH), Computer Apps, Computer Science

Coach Solis - Accounting

Mrs. Hamilton - Listening, Dictionary Skills, Literary Criticism

Mrs. Jiang - HS Calculator Apps., Mathematics, Number Sense

Coach Clark - Maps Graphs and Charts

Mrs. Hale - JH Mathematics, Calculator Apps, Number Sense