2017 Fall Fest Jar Distribution

Vote for Fall Fest King & Queen Candidates. One penny=one vote.  The Fall Fest Jars have been placed at local businesses and will rotate until October 28th. Below is the schedule of where the jars will be and when. 

                                                           Fall Fest Candidates                                                    


                   1st Grade-         Squire Jennings                 Emily Crawford

                   2nd Grade-        Jaxon Bateman                  Lily Vaughn

                   3rd Grade-        Lorenzo Robles                Cheyanne Carillo

                   4th Grade-        Zeven Barron                     Lilly Daza

                   5th Grade-        Gabriel Molina                  Chelsea Davis

                   6th Grade-        Dominque Pecina            Alex Lee

                   7th Grade-        Carlos Lopez                      Serenity Segura

                   8th Grade-        Josiah Phillips                   Ysabella Garza

                   9th Grade-        Craig Leary                         Madison Givens

                   10th Grade-      William Hancock                Ashley Fabella

                   11th Grade-      Rigo Mendez                      Char Bradford 

                   12th Grade-      Isaiah Flores                      Stonii Horton